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Kelly Griggs

Kelly Griggs has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans. He has over 15 years experience in computer software and hardware including development, operations, and systems management. Mr. Griggs has specialized knowledge in the procurement and integration of emerging technologies including web-based and client-server applications. He has been involved in the design and deployment of several large scale systems including the modernization of the standard desktop client and Microsoft Backoffice/Exchange for a large government agency.

Mr. Griggs is currently working on the evaluation, migration and deployment of an e-Business (Internet Commerce) system designed to facilitate information and reporting requirements. Mr. Griggs is also working to upgrade a Wide Area Network (WAN) into a state of the art ATM and Frame Relay interconnect among sites located in over forty cities. The new WAN will provide several times the throughput of the existing network with only a moderate increase in annual operating cost. The New WAN includes Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), Internet Client Access for web customers, and Dial-up Access including security for all aspects of the project.