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AST Tour Page 1

Map Tab After Loading Requests (01)Initial views. The map view of the launched AST displays transportation requests (blue lines) and relevant locations (black or red squares with standard code identifiers) on a map of the world. This image of the AST shows the appearance before planning missions, so the right-hand pane for scheduled missions is empty.

Other views present information in a tabular form. The table of requests shows both the specifications passed from JALIS to the AST and a summary of how the AST has dispatched each request to a mission. Prior to starting the scheduler, all requests are unsatisfied; as the tool runs, these status indicators will be updated one by one as the requests are scheduled onto missions. A separate window shows more detailed request descriptions, including preferred departure and arrival times, names of passengers, and the costing information used for optimizations by the AST. Once processing is complete, mission assignments also appear.

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